Vidyawati Nigam Memorial Public School, Banda U.P.

Vidyawati Nigam Memorial Public School, Banda was established in 2011. VNMPS is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliation No. 2131565. VNMPS has been established with an objective of imparting high quality value based education to the students of Banda and its nearby region.
Realizing the importance of the basic fact that education is a life-long process, we at “VNMPS” strongly believe that formal education at pre-primary level (Play Group, Nursery, Lower Kindergarten & Upper Kindergarten) as well as primary, secondary and senior secondary level should lay a strong foundation to fully develop a child’s faculties and equip him or her well with a purposeful learning at higher levels leading to total grooming of personality encompassing body, mind & soul. We aim at instilling various techniques to enable each child to discover his or her own talent and provide every possible opportunity to develop those talents to the fullest. In short, our objective is to provide total & holistic education to our students by sharpening their skill of critical yet positive thinking coupled with self-confidence and healthy spirit of competitiveness. The ultimate goal is to shape the students in such a manner that once grown up they become active & useful social beings as well as responsible & loyal citizens of India.


Participation of children in a wide range of activities with the help of modern tools and under supervision of qualified trainers, encourages the young students to explore the world around things with interest and curiosity.

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